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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A story set in times that are Roman in a place that is most defiantly not

A story set in times that are Roman in a place that is most defiantly not

This is a story I wrote in the 3rd form and is much better than the story beneath this one anyway I am doing this chapter by chapter so dont be surprised if posts have wierd dates.
Comments are more than welcome please comment and tell me how to improve the story which I may eventualy write a sequal to.
Contents so far
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6

Chapter 1

Calcifur (Aqueus) Slave stood on the platform waiting. Staring at the clouds over head heavy with rain, counting mentally 10, 9, 8, 7… when a voice cut into his consciousness

“Fine specimen here. Look at those muscles and hardly a scratch on him. Starting at 20 denari.”

Calcifur carried on counting 5, 4, 3,

“Any bids on this fine day…” the voice was cut off, as rain poured down, in bucket loads and a crash of thunder over head made everyone flinch.

Strangely however, Aqueus did not seem to get wet. The water just seemed to stay a few millimetres away from his skin. His clothes were soaked in most places but his skin and short cropped hair were dry. Everybody else’s clothes were soaked through.

Aqueus heard a loud voice shouting “my clothes are ruined, do you know how much they cost me?” and everybody began to run towards the colonnade except the guards and the auctioneer and the other slaves waiting.

“I will buy the lot for 100 denarii,” said a man in brown leather over clothes and serviceable linen tunic.

“But they are worth much more,” said the auctioneer.

“Do you think you will sell them in this weather?” replied the man.

The auctioneer sighed and held out his hand.

The Man tossed a bag into it and Aqueus heard the rich clink of gold.

The guards reattached Aqueus to the chains before he had a chance to struggle. Then the guard handed the lead ropes to the Man who led them onwards towards the colonnade where a moderately good horse stood. He jumped on and tied the lead ropes to the pommel of the saddle. The slaves groaned and Aqueus heard one of them mutter “we will be soaked.”

That surprised Aqueus as he thought he was as dry as before it started to rain. He wished the others were dry and his new master soaked.

The Man started his horse at a fast walk and the chain jolted the slaves and they had to run to keep up.

The ground was very muddy with the water that had already fallen, but it did not hinder the slaves. For some reason it hardened in front of Aqueus. He was in front and the ground slowly began to soften afterwards. The other slaves as were amazed to find that they were only damp, not soaked through, as they had been a few minutes before.

As the Man passed an inn, all the lights went out and they heard a voice inside shouting “Why did the fire go out?” a light had come from the inn and had shone onto the Man and been absorbed. After that, Aqueus saw that any rain that fell on the Man slowly began to steam. Aqueus wondered why this was and again wished that the Man was soaked. He saw that as they passed houses and lamps all the lights went out.

They soon left the city and began to traverse the Latrian high way. Twice they were forced off the road by Legionary messenger carts travelling at high speed (for a cart that is). At neither time did the Man let them stop and they had to walk along the side of the ditch half falling in. Indeed three slaves actually fell in and the others had to pull them out quickly to avoid being pulled into the muddy depths themselves. Aqueus thought that the journey would never end. Eventually however, they came to an inn with a barn beside it. /

The strange thing about the barn was that all the windows were barred and there were bolts on the outside of the doors. The Man went up to the doors, dismounted and undid the bolts. Aqueus angrily wished that the Man would be soaked, as he realised the barn was a prison. Suddenly a large amount of water came pouring off the roof and for a moment the Man disappeared behind a waterfall. His horse reared backwards and tried to turn but the Man’s hand shot out and grabbed the reigns.

The man finished opening the door and led them in, shaking with anger, sheets of water coming off him and steam curling off his head.

Inside there were about 40 other slaves sitting in chains which were attached to the supports of the Barn. There was as haystack in the middle at one side and all the slaves were bound facing that way. The man tied Aqueus and the other slaves up facing the same way and climbed up onto the hay stack. He had just got up when a drip of water fell from the ceiling to land on his head. He looked up to see where it was coming from and his jaw dropped in amazement, nearly loosing his balance. The next instant he was flat on his back and soaking. A great torrent had come pouring down and knocked him flat on his back.

The Man got up and shouted, the gold flecks in his eyes glowing “My name is Domignis Caminus Incendium! I am your master! You will be building an aqueduct further south to bring water to the water arena and other important areas. If you work well you may be given another job doing the same kind of thing. If you do not then you will be sent to the Quarries to die… painfully” a wicked smile was upon Domignis’s face.

As Domignis turned to leave, water poured down again, but he jumped out of the way. He was almost out of the door when he stopped and a young woman entered with a tray filled with bread. Two burly men entered behind her carrying a black cauldron with a lid on it. There was a ladle sticking out of the side. A third man entered with a basket of cheap earthenware bowls.

The woman handed out the bread, the fourth man behind her handing out bowls. The two burly men moved along stopping and ladling out a thick soup, when they stopped.

“I am only paying 10 denari” exclaimed Domignis.

“That does not matter” whispered the woman, “this is only scraps, we got them cheap”

As the woman turned, Aqueus saw that she had to be a slave. There were scars from beatings on the back of her neck.

The soup was lukewarm and Aqueus thought of all the cold people in the room. What they need is some good hot soup, He thought.

He almost started in surprise when the next mouthful was hot. Delicious he thought.


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