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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Chapter 5

Militerrus was up on the wall when he saw the smoke signals from the Navy base. He told the soldier who was meant to be watching, but was eating his lunch and started to read the message but he did not need to. There was too much smoke coming from the navy base. He rushed down the stairs from the parapet.

“The Navy base is on fire,” He shouted at the top of his voice.

The legate was on his horse slowly passing the end of the alley.

“Sir” cried Militerrus, “The Navy base is on fire!”

The legate looked at him, hesitated, then shouted. “I want every man down to the naval base on the double we have a fire on our hands so go prepared.”

About a day and a night of frenzied work and effort plenty of burns and too many deaths.

On the way back to the fort Militerrus caught sight of Domignus.

“What is he doing here? Isn’t he in charge of the aqueducts?”

“Yes, he came to discuss whether the aqueducts could be extended down to the naval base.”

The strange thing was that the fires had started in about 20 places and at the same time all the other fires in the place had gone out. Only the quick intervention of the legionaries made it possible for only a quarter of the navy at the base to be destroyed and only half the buildings. However this meant that the Navy was weakened and this was worrying because there were rumours that the Burdiens were about to launch a huge attack. There were rumours of iguns magia or fire magic for which the peoples of the land of the dragon were known for.


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