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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Chapter 7

Suddenly they lurched and had to grab onto each other to stay upright – they felt like their limbs were made of lead and as if they had just run up a mountain. They staggered over to a stone bench and collapsed onto it.

Floss stepped out of the shadows of the doorway “The roots grew within him and strangled his mind” she staggered towards them and collapsed onto the bench.

“Thank you Floss” gasped Aqueus “do you have any idea what just happened”

“Some” sighed Floss “magic”

“I think some elaboration is in order” declared Militerrus breathlessly.

Aqueus responded shakily “Militerrus, this is Floss, Floss Militerrus.

I met Floss on my first night with Domignus as my master. She brought us some delicious soup.”

Floss had closed her eyes and was breathing deeply, she was obviously distressed.

“But what just happened?” asked Militerrus

Floss opened her eyes and stared at them bleakly.

“We just killed a high official and destroyed the evidence. Using methods no one would understand. We also killed a spy and traitor who was attempting to weaken the nation from within.

We killed a man responsible for the fiery deaths of many people.”

At this Aqueus and Militerrus nodded.

There was silence.

Aqueus squirmed on the bench.

“But how did I make the water fly out of the pond.”

“Because you wanted to and you have Water magic” replied Floss softly

“Does that mean I have Earth magic?” exclaimed Militerrus “that would explain a lot”

“Yes” responded Floss.

“and you have Plant magic?” offered Aqueus.

Floss nodded.

They sat in silence for a while colour slowly returning to their faces.

“I am very hungry” declared Militerrus.

The others nodded and Floss led the way to the kitchen.

“All the others are out Domignus does … did not like to be disturbed when he was staring into his fire.” explained Floss.

There was a small pot of stew simmering atop the stove and a delicious smell of fresh bread was coming from the oven. Floss went to a shelf and took down some bowls, plates and some cheese, Aqueus carried the stew over to the table and Militerrus took the bread out from the oven.

They sat down heavily on the wooden benches and began eating ravenously.

When they had finished all the food on the table Floss took some honey cakes off a shelf and Aqueus took a jug of milk and some cups off another shelf.

They had slowed down enough to talk now and began to tell their stories.


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