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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Chapter 2

Soon Domignis left for the inn. The woman got up. “My name is Floss Bombycinus Plantana. You are in a barn by an inn south of Lignumurbeimber. You are going to be going south through the town of Urberobur then via the Capital, Latri to the opides auster aureus caldor. There you will be helping to build an aqueduct to supply those cities with water during the droughts and the water arena in Latri. This has been declared vital by the Emperor so that production of steel can increase to make weapons to defend our fair land” Floss said the last two words with sarcasm. She had obviously heard this in a speech.

Aqueus thought she is not a slave. She has three names!

Floss came and sat down at the end of Aqueus’ line, on an overturned bucket not far from him.

Aqueus whispered “Why do you dress and work like a slave when you are a Latrian citizen?” he paused for moment and seeing the look on her face said, “I am sorry if I have offended you but I am curious.”

“You may know. I shall tell you. I am Domignus’s niece once removed and after my parents died then I was sent to live with him.” whispered Floss, her voice quivering with barely controlled emotion.

“So that is why he lets you walk free,” stated Aqueus

“Am I not locked in with the slaves? To him I am just a higher class of slave to do the things like orginising the house keeping, and to be beaten at the smallest mistake. I am beaten more harshly than the other slaves because I should know better apparan…” she trailed of ashamed at this outburst the green flecks in her eyes glowing softly. A moss plant at her foot seemed to interest her a lot; it seemed to be growing perceptibly.

Aqueus ducked his head “I am sorry,” he whispered

“It is not your fault.” said Floss harshly

Then she got up abruptly and got the three other slaves that were not shackled to help her collect the bowls and stack them in the corner. Then she started a chain of straw being passed along the lines of slaves to make beds for them to sleep on. When everyone was ready, she made her own in the corner, and blew out the lamp.


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